Author of Mean Streets and Raging Bulls: The Legacy of Film Noir in Contemporary American Cinema. Co-author of The Neo-Generalist: Where You Go is Who You Are. Ghostwriter of Return of the Vikings: Nordic Leadership in Times of Extreme Change.

My writing services include books, articles, white papers and blog posts. Topics range from neo-generalism, cultural studies and business to literary criticism, film history and sport. These reflect personal research interests, as well as practical experience gained working in a range of industries in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

I also offer bespoke editorial and advisory services, assisting authors with their writing projects. This entails working closely with them on the life cycle of their books and articles, from initial idea through to completed manuscript. I provide guidance on structure, style, voice, grammar and content, and serve as sounding board and critical friend.

Writing and editing projects

Coming soon in 2018: Not Doing by Diana Renner & Steven D’Souza (February), Return of the Vikings by Chris Shern & Henrik Jeberg (April), Open to Think by Dan Pontefract (September).

Among the authors I have worked with are Isabel Collins, Jay Cross, Steven D’Souza, Pernille Hippe Brun, Jon Husband, Henrik Jeberg, Jane McConnell, Kenneth Mikkelsen, Dan Pontefract, Diana Renner, Chris Shern and John Stepper.

Book Projects

Letters and neo-generalism

Writing and editing help me give expression to my neo-generalism. The variety of topics covered feeds my curiosity and enables me to keep on learning, while also offering an opportunity to share knowledge and experience with collaborators. As an editor, I find that I can go both wide and deep, looking at the big picture while also zooming in on the minute detail. Working on several books simultaneously allows for serendipitous discovery, which often flows from that neo-generalist impulse to connect people and ideas.


Idries Shah Foundation (6 December 2017)
Scenario Magazine (5 January 2017)
#WOLWeek (9 November 2016)
Marginalia (7 October 2016)
Magazine E-180 (27 July 2016)
Reimagining Work (9 February 2015)
#WOLWeek (10 November 2014)
GigaOm Research (26 July 2014)

Articles Online

Ready to Jump (Hack & Craft News, November 2016)
Context Shift: The Business of Change is Changing (CMI, July 2016)
Memories of Things Past and Yet to Come (Crime Time, March 1999)

What’s in a name?

A note on the meaning of indalogenesis. An índalo is a prehistoric symbol of a man carrying a rainbow found in southeastern Spain. It was adopted as the regional symbol of Almería, an area where I lived when very young. The symbol is personal to me because of its association with childhood memories. But it also bears the weight of cultural history. I strongly believe in the importance of legacy thinking: respecting the lessons of the past, acting in the present, serving the future. The índalo is a permanent reminder for me.

What about Genesis? Quite simply, it is the brand of road bike that I currently own. I am a cycling fan, and find the bike helps me think and write. My interest in professional road cycling has informed my ideas about the responsive and adaptive organisation (#pelotonformations). Of course, genesis is also suggestive of new beginnings, new opportunities, new friendships.